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tv   News Ch8 Today at 430AM  NBC  September 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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a shooting at a south carolina elementary school. the latest on the teenage suspect and the call he made minutes before the shooting. that's had just ahead. and uber stays street legal. we will tell you ab night deal that will keep the ride sharing drivers on the streets of hillsborough county. honoring a legend. these are live pictures from jerusalem where the former israeli president will be remembered today. some of the world's most powerful people will pay their respects. we will tell you who just ahead. good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. thank you for waking up with us on this thursday morning when we are tracking tropical storm
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quickly gaining steam in the caribbean. >> matthew is thousands of miles away. but could florida be in the storm's path? leigh spann is tracking matthew this morning. what's the latest, leigh? >> well, good morning, guys. we are waiting on the 5:00 update. it should happen anywhere between now and 4:50. we will get the information from the hurricane center. it is a strong tropical storm. 65 sustained winds and just the caribbean and moving quickly to the west at 16 miles per hour. and as it moves through warm waters of the caribbean, it should become hurricane matthew. and notice we will be tracking this through saturday night, still well in the caribbean, way away in florida. and then it will make a hard turn to the north, passing by jamaica and heading toward the eastern portion of cuba monday evening. most of the models take this, continue to take this due north
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eastern portions of florida. let me explain why. this is one computer model. this is the european model but it shows what happens. there will be small differences but they all pretty much agree on moving due west, warm waters in the caribbean so becomes a stronger storm. and begins to make the turn to the north. when it interacts with cuban and haiti, it could keep it from strengthening too much but we get a dip in the jet stream in the u.s. and high moves to the east so it gives it the path up the east coast of the united states. and staying off the u.s. coastline. that's what we're looking at right now. thing cans obviously change. but i wanted to show you why it should make the hard turn to the north. a couple showers pushing onshore as we speak. in weather and traffic on the 8s, i will give you the rainfall potential locally for today. and leslee lacey has the roadways. it is nice out there. let's take a look at some travel times. bringing you them all morning
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right now on 75 through manatee and sarasota county, we are up to speed, no delays. let's move over and look at the veterans expressway from odessa and then down towards 275. we're looking very good. quick live look at traffic out here on the howard frankland bridge. only six minutes to cross it. that's a look at weather and traffic. back to gene and gayle. in breaking news, tampa police are investigating a strip club shooting this morning. gunfire erupted at goods gentleman's club on east hillsborough avenue. a man was shot in the leg. he is expected to survive. tampa police are on the scene with k-9s searching for evidence and so far, officers have made no arrests. right now, active shooter training at a small school in south carolina credited for saving lives. >> a 14-year-old boy is accused of opening fire on an elementary school playground wednesday afternoon. shooting two young students and a teacher. now one of those students, a 6- year-old boy is in critical
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censullo is in the tampa news center with the very latest on this tragedy. >> reporter: you know, we use this phrase a lot, a parent's worst nightmare but this really is someone opening fire on children on a playground. >> any possible shootings? >> reporter: panicked parents rushed to townville elementary school. that's where a teer with a hand gun and began shooting. witnesses tell police it appears the boy was heading towards the school. several teachers locked doors to prevent him from getting in but not before a teacher and two students were hit. a 6-year-old is hospitalized. >> i just pray for the families or for those kids. i thank god it wasn't worse. >> reporter: now this happened police say just one minute
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grandmother sobbing. a volunteer firefighter tackled the teenager and held him until officers arrived. now investigators believe the boy acted alone. terrorism not believed to be a factor. and the teenager's father shot to death at his home just two miles away. an autopsy will be performed on 47-year-old jeffrey osbourne today. the teen's mother was at work when this happened. and today the search for a motive. and now we have learned that the shooter was of the local school system. it is believed that he was home schooled. gayle-- >> unbelievable. frightening ifer parents and the children. all right, thank you, meredyth censullo. a profession -- frightening for the parents and the children. all right, thank you, meredyth censullo. jose fernandez was killed in a boeing accident over the weekend. news channel 8's ryan hughes is
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jose fernandez was remembered in both miami and here this the bay area. >> reporter: gene, good morning. thousands turned out in miami the to remember jose fernandez. and hundreds showed up here at the high school for a candle light individual ill last night including his former coach. >> sad to me. you know, lost one of our own at such a young age. and just a big hearted person, bigger than laugh himself. like, he was 10 feet tall. >> reporter: his teammates tell us jose to be reconned with. many show -- reckoned with. even after he left the bay area and became a pitcher in the major, he would return and help mentor high school players. they loved him in miami as well. this is video from a funeral procession that made its way through the streets of the city before jose fernandez was laid to rest. thousands of people including teammates were there to say good-bye. jose fernandez and two friends were killed when their speedboat crashed sunday morning in miami.
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is calling for an investigation into that accident specifically at the area where it happened. gene, to you. >> yeah, the final funeral happening today. so many people turned out yesterday for the procession and to remember him here in and in miami. so sad. thank you. the body of former israeli president lies in state at this hour. the public could pay their resp. thousands of israelis, politicians and foreign dignitaries are expected today. he died yesterday after complications from a stroke. he was 93 years old. these are lye pictures from jerusalem. president barack obama will lead the u.s. delegation attending the funeral which will take place tomorrow. others expected to attend include french president and the president from germany and britain's prince charles. the time right now is seconds away from 4:38.
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spann. >> we've been tracking the wind flow off the gulf of mexico. it's been in place for most of the week and that's why we have seen the few showers along the coast and that's why i'm expecting to see them again today. max radar, not only some pushing onshore right now but there's more rain in the gulf and that's all headed in our direction. at this point, only a few drops of rain falling in citrus county but we could see more of the showers, the potential between now and noon. and notice the rainfall potential is less than an inch and it's all west of i-75 between now and noon. now once we head into the afternoon, we will start to see the storms push into polk county, highlands county, hardee, desoto and there could be pocket where is we see some heavier rain, most of us will see less than an inch, maybe a couple spots where we see up to an inch of rain. and temperatures going up from 76 degrees at 7:00 a.m. up to 81 at 10:00. and afternoon high of 87. right around 3:00.
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and we go to 86 on friday. and 87 on saturday. you see how emoji man looks disappointed. we were thinking we would get less humid air friday and saturday and that's not going to be the case. i think we're all looking like emoji man right now. let's check on traffic on the 8s. a little disappointed. >> you know, you shouldn't be that disappointed because he's not going to have a bad hair day. >> well, he doesn't have hair. that's true. let's take a look at traffic looks great in plant city and new tampa. not seeing any problems on i-4 and also i-75 in and out of pasco county up to speed as well. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. >> all right, thank you. happening today, the battle to keep ride sharing services running in hillsborough county appears to be over this morning. we expect to learn about an agreement that could allow the ride sharing service uber to operate legally in hillsborough county. mary mcguire is live in
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months and months of constant fighting between the two parties. >> reporter: this did come as a bit of a shock, gayle. uber has reportedly reached a temporary agreement with ptc chairman victor crist. this agreement outlines rules and regulations for drivers and other rules like background checks. this month, the commission voted to require fingerprint background which cans for all driver, something she opposed. >> th thing but really, can we keep someone safe really just by fingerprinting someone? that does not determine the mental state of a person. >> reporter: now this agreement would reportedly allow uber to operate in hillsborough county until a state law can be formed. we are expecting to learn a lot more information at a press conference that will be held right here at 10:00 a.m. representatives from uber and the ptc are both expected to
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11:00 a.m. news newscast for the latest. socker is one of the most beloved sports around the world. >> sure is. but the beautiful game may be taking a hidden toll on even the youngest players. coming up, the study that could change how socker is played forever. plus, green means go, yellow is slow. the basic rules of the road. why red light runners might want to start obeying them. we will tell you why next on
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happening today, the camera will spell tickets. for red light runners. the one-month warning period is now over. drivers running the red light will now receive a $158 fine. this is the county's 10th and final red light camera location. well, right now, officials in sarasota county are scrambling to stop fuel from entering the city's water supply. you may remember this deadly tanker crash leaked thousands of gallons of fuel into waterways that feed into the city's water plant. in response, rooms have been set up and the treatment plant is now shut down. no word on when this mess will be cleaned up.
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morning, the ceo of wells fargo will be back on capitol hill today. last week, he testified before the senate banking committee. today he is scheduled to appear at a hearing before the house financial services committee. stump has been under fire since wells fargo was fined nearly $200 million for opening unauthorized accounts. a samsung phone is being blamed for a house fire in ohio. look at the damage there. everything is really charred. let's give you a os the night stand is charred, half of the mattress is gone. the owner says she left her samsung charging while she met a friend and came back to find her house in flames. she mailed her phone because it was overheating but samsung returned it saying the phone was fine. president barack obama was in fort lee virginia for a presidential town hall meeting wednesday night. before the event, the president told soldiers the reason the u.s. has the best military in the world is because it's made
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world. and he told troops that the greatest privilege he's had during his presidency was serving as their commander in chief. expectant mom, listen up. adding a second medication during c-section deliveries could help decrease the risk of infection after surgery. 1,000 women were given the medications or a placebo along with the standard antibiotic. 12% of the placebo gr developed an infection within six weeks. soccer continues to grow in popularity but an 8 on your side warning for players. a study conducted by the nationwide children's hospital in columbus, ohio found the rate of soccer related concussions and head injuries increased about 15 times more in 2014 than when the study began back in 1990. the lower concussion rates, the u.s. soccer federation is
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under from heading the ball. who said millennials are lazy? having a side job is a big trend. 29% of american workers have side jobs and by age group, almost half of those workers ages 25 to 34. and then 93% are ages 18 to 24. those are more than any other age groups. these guys like to work. happy national coffee day. to celebrate, many places are ofng krispy kreme is offering customers a free coffee and a free original glazed doughnut. and dunkin' donuts is celebrating and its 66th birthday. so it's offering customers a medium sized hot coffee for just 66 cents. and starbucks will donate a coffee tree to a farmer in need for every brewed cup of mexico coffee purchased today. and they're trying to -- >> that's cool. >> and trying to plant 20 million trees in all.
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>> and we will take all the coffee that the trees produce. >> sometimes leslee lacey does this half and half thing, half decalf and half real. >> yeah, i don't even know why are they make decaf. tropical storm matthew, still waiting on the latest advisory. it's going to get stronger through the caribbean. and making a the turn to the north through eastern cuba and should and off florida's east coast but we will watch this for sure. in fact, the hurricane hunters are keeping a close eye on it. they found a wind speed of 82 miles per hour. and they'll use the information to put the latest forecast package together that will come out any minute now. a couple showers along the coast this morning. let me show you along citrus county, just the tiny pockets of rain. they dissipate over 19. and same thing into the showers
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and pinellas to push onshore. for the sky cast forecast, rain right near the coast but dry inland. and dry east of 75 this morning. 75degrees. a few more storms will pop up by noon when it's 84. and then the storms push east of 75 by 4:00 p.m. when it's 87 degrees. and a better look at it for you, walking you through the day, the showers along the coast, 8:00, 9:00 this morning. and a little better coverage by the time you head toward lunchtime and putting in about a 30% chance. and 40% as the storms push in county later today. longer term forecast, we have the onshore wind flow, high moisture content today and tomorrow. we thought this cold front was going to get at least down to the fort myers area but the drier air is going to stay to the north. never making it here. so the moisture makes a quick return. and notice the eight-day forecast, 30 to 40% rain chances basically every day. and yeah, that humidity is hanging tough too. how about traffic on the 8s?
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hillsborough county. not seeing delays no matter which direction you are headed. and also i-4 in ybor. actually leaving lakeland looks great through plant city and in through ybor. and the veterans expressway is up to speed as well. so it's a very good drive out there. and with regards to my coffee decaffeinated issue, gene ramirez, not all coffee is completely >> is she talking? >> you can drink the whole cup. >> you would think she had the caffeine. >> she was born with it. if you're interested or if your not. >> the well known rules of tipped tinder which apply to this new app. >> how some new popular & work and they have nothing to do with dating but arguably,
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all right, calling all foodies. some new free apps are out and we have a feeling you will love them. first, tender, it's the tinder of food. just swipe right to save a recipe or left to skip over it. and there's no wait. it waits in line for you. >> and that could be like a romance app. >> yes. once your table is ready, you will get a text and this is already being used in more than
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country. i made a reservation for my mom. >> yeah, and keeps you posted as to when the table is almost ready. it squashes the anxiety. >> and last night after you nominated and voted, the big winners of the best of the bay party were awarded in st. pete. it was filled with the best of the best. there were categories ranging from best sports teams to restaurants and best county. best coach went to the lightning's own john cooper. and best >> i'm partial because i live there and going to say, yep. >> a lot of things happening in pinellas, especially downtown st. pete. >> and when it comes to actors, many say alek baldwin is the best. and he will play donald trump on "saturday night live." they are so funny. in this preview, you see him
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can't wait to see that on snl right here on news channel 8. >> i hope she does the shimmy. weather and traffic on the
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time for weather and traffic on the 8s. currently 76 degrees at tampa international airport. dew point of 72. so still a little humid, enough for scattered downpours today and a 40% chance with a high of course, all eyes on tropical storm matthew in the caribbean at this point. and still waiting on the latest forecast, i will have that for you as soon as it comes in. a look at the roadways on 275. looks great right around 54th avenue north. and on 54, no delays and. a great drive through pinellas, down to the sunshine skyway bridge. looks good. bruce b downs looks good as well as 75 through bruce b downs over to i-4. and 275 into downtown the tampa.
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about nine minutes. courtney campbell causeway, it's a great drive across the water, maybe seven minutes to
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> tracking tropical storm matthew. it is churning in the eastern caribbean right now and gaining some strength. still ahead, a look at the track and how it will impact our weather. and gunfire at an elementary school. this morning, a south carolina community struggles to understand why a teen would open fire on a play gr. learning about the shooter and motive. plus, emotions running deep as people across the bay area, really florida, remember jose fernandez. the touching tributes as baseball star's family prepares for a funeral today. good morning. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. tropical storm matthew is our big story today. let's get straight to meteorologist leigh spann. f0 >> yeah, good morning.


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